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Contents: Nintendo Wii XBox 360 & PlayStation 3 Final Thoughts

For many their home entertainment system is not complete without a gaming console. The three most popular game consoles on the market today are the Nintendo Wii, Sony's PlayStation 3, and Microsoft's XBox 360.

Nintendo Wii


The Wii’s unique features make it hard to compare to the other two, but its unique features definitely keep it competitive. The Wii controller resembles a simple TV remote, but what sets it apart is the motion tracking technology. This means that you physically move the remote, such as swinging the controller like a tennis racket when playing tennis. Though the Wii doesn’t support HD or DVDs, its game selection, including many fun group games, and interactive features makes it a good choice for families, kids, seniors, and just about anybody.

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XBox 360 and PlayStation 3

The XBox 360 and PlayStation 3 have many similarities. Both can output video in HD (1080 & 720) and they use a more traditional game controller. They both support a wide variety of games, many of which can be played on either console, and both of them can be used as DVD players. While many argue that one console has better graphics than the other, the graphics on both are so similar that it is hard to say definitively.

Playstation 3

The PlayStation 3 comes with a built in Blu-ray player, and since its cost is only slightly more than a Blu-ray player it makes a good buy for those looking to watch Blu-ray discs and play video games. The PlayStation 3 also comes with a built in Wi-Fi Wi-Fi: enables you to connect to the internet through available wireless networks. , with the XBox 360 you need to buy this as a separate component.

X-Box 360

The XBox 360 has more exclusive games Exclusive Games: Video games that are only available for one gaming console. than the Playstation 3, and offers a better online gaming experience. Many of the earlier models would overheat, resulting in the “red ring of death.” This is a fatal error that requires your console to be replaced. The new models don't suffer as many problems, so be careful if you buy used.

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Final Thoughts

Which one you purchase depends mostly on what games you plan to play. If they are exclusive to a specific console you should buy that console, but if they are not, you should consider your other needs for the console.

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