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  • Valid XHTML
    eXtensible HTML
    This is the current stardard for making web pages. By using valid XHTML it insures that your web pages are compatible with todays web browsers and web browsers in the future.
  • CSS
    Cascading Style Sheets
    These are the current standard for displaying the look and layout of web pages. They allow you to create the same style for every page on a web site, and quickly change the style across the whole site.
  • Adobe Flash
    Adobe Flash Player
    Flash is used to add animations, videos, and interactivity to web sites.
  • Java Applets
    Java™ Applet
    Applets are used to provide interactive features to web applications that cannot be provided by HTML alone. As such they are well suitable for demonstrations, teaching, and a wide variety of other activities.
  • JavaScript
    A scripting language used on webpages to handle special effects and provide interactivity. For example these boxes of information are displayed using javascript.
  • PHP
    PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
    PHP is a powerful programming language that allows for the creation of dynamic and interactive Web pages.
  • SQL Databases
    mySQL Databases
    mySQL lets you create databases that contain information that you need.
  • Unlimited Data Transfer and Storage
  • Unlimated Email Addresses
  • Domain Name Transfer
  • OC-96 Backbone Connection
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

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